Olympia UV Light Disinfection Services

Viral Clean Now sanitizes homes, companies, and organizations with hospital grade UV-C light. It disinfects the air and surfaces of homes and businesses around Olympia.

2-Room UV-C Light Disinfection

(2 x 350 sq. ft.)
  • Choose 2 Rooms
  • Takes 30 minutes
  • Professional UV-C Light Disinfection Service
  • Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Dining Room
  • Performed by Licensed Technician

1-Room UV-C Light Disinfection

(up to 350 sq. ft.)
  • Choose 1 Room
  • Takes 30 minutes
  • Professional UV-C Light Disinfection Service
  • Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Dining Room
  • Performed by Licensed Technician

Home Sanitizing Services in Olympia

Whether you want a one time UV-C light cleaning or regular disinfection, we provide both to renters and home owners in the Olympia area. Most people wait until their home has been exposed to bacteria, viruses, Covid-19, or other pathogens to hire us, but other feel they need weekly or monthly UV-C light sanitization services.

We offer entire home sanitization, single or multi-room sanitization, and bathroom sanitization.

Home sanitizing services we offer:

Single Room

Single room UV-C light sterilization. Typically only 10 minutes start to finish.

Multiple Rooms

2 room package of UV-C light sterilization. Up to 30 minutes.

HVAC System

Residential HVAC system UV-C light sterilization.


Like single room UV-C light sterilization.

Shower / Tub

We sanitize the entire bathroom.

Entire Home

Of the home sterilization services, this is the simplest. Only 30 minutes to clean 2400 square foot homes. This home sanitizer service also sanitizes carpet.

Commercial Sanitizing Services in Olympia

Sometimes businesses and organizations hire us to regularly disinfect their offices, buildings, facilities, and high traffic areas. These are typically areas that need to be free of infectious pathogens. Other times organizations hire us to do a one-time deep sanitization of their buildings after an exposure to some pathogen.

Utilize sanitizing company Viral Clean Now to ensure that staff and customers remain safe and healthy. 

Commercial sanitizing services we offer.

Office Spaces


Medical Facilities / Hospitals



Tech Companies

Other Indoor Commercial Sites

Why UV-C Light

If you hire a home or commercial sanitizing company in Olympia you will see that they usually use harmful chemicals. These chemicals are effective, but used only because they are cheap, easy to access, and part of the company’s show to make it appear they are working hard for you. 

UV-C Light is better which is why large companies, hospitals, and medical facilities use UV-C light cleaning services instead of those chemicals using services. Viral Clean Now does not expose you to chemicals, and focuses on the well-being of each of our clients.

Professional home sanitizing with UV-C light:

Works Faster

We can do a whole  2400 square feet in 30 minutes

Kills 99.9% of Surface Disinfection

UV-C light kills microorganisms by creating environments that pathogens like bacteria, viruses, molds, and Covid-19 cannot live in.

Inactivates Microorganisms

UV-C light prevents viruses, bacteria, and pathogens from performing cellular functions by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA. 

Is Safe

Yes, but only if nobody is in the room while the lights are on. When the light goes off, you can enter the room immediately.

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