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Viral Clean Now is a UV-C light disinfection and sanitizing company. We provide sterilization services for single apartments and entire apartment complexes.
Viral Clean Now is a UV-C light disinfection and sanitizing company. We provide sterilization services for single apartments and entire apartment complexes.

Landlords, property managers, and renters hire us for residential UV-C light sanitizing when they

  • Have people vulnerable to illness in the apartment
  • Suspect exposure to Covid-19, bacteria, and other pathogens in the apartment(s), gym, clubhouse, or office
  • Are exposed to pathogens outside of the complex such as at work or the store
  • Want to regular disinfection services of the newly emptied apartments
  • Have carpet in the apartments
  • Had or are going to have a party in the apartment clubhouse

Professional apartment sanitizing companies tend to use chemicals that are fast, cheap, easily accessible, and allow them to seem like they’re putting in lots of effort. The reality is that they’re harmful which is why these chemicals are not used by large organizations like hospitals and airlines. A better apartment disinfection service alternative is UV-C light.

UV-C Apartment Sanitizing Services Offered

Our services only take 30 minutes to disinfect an entire apartment unit or clubhouse of 2400 square feet. Single rooms take about 10 minutes.

These are the apartment sanitizing services that we offer.

These are the residential and home sanitizing services that we offer:

Single Room

Single room UV-C light sterilization. Typically only 10 minutes start to finish.

Multiple Rooms

2 room package of UV-C light sterilization. Up to 30 minutes.

HVAC System

Apartment complex HVAC system UV-C light sterilization.


Like single room UV-C light sterilization.

Shower / Tub

We sanitize the entire bathroom.

Entire Apartment

of the sterilization services, this is the simplest. Only 30 minutes to clean 2400 square foot units.


for complexes that offer a clubhouse or gym to their tenants, we offer disinfection to these larger areas.

UV-C Light Apartment Disinfection/Sanitizing Benefits

Companies and organizations that require the utmost protection against viruses and COVID-19 – like Microsoft, hospitals, and airlines – regularly use our technology to ensure the safety of personnel and patrons.

This UV-C light technology is now available to renters, landlords, and property management companies for apartment disinfection service. We’ve made it more affordable than ever so that it is accessible to everyone. Our pride is making this life saving technology available to every apartment unit.

The benefits of apartment UV disinfection service:

Works Faster

30 minutes per 2400 square feet.

Kills 99.9% of Surface Disinfection

UV-C light creates environments that microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, molds, and other pathogens cannot live in.

Inactivates Microorganisms

UV-C light destroys nucleic acids and disrupts their DNA. Viruses, bacteria, and pathogens can’t perform cellular functions.

Is Safe

Yes, as long as nobody is in the room while the lights are on. Once the light goes off, people can immediately enter the room or area.

UV light For Residential Showers

People ask if we can disinfect their showers and the answer is yes. However, we would sanitize the entire bathroom, not
just the shower.

UV Light Residential HVAC

We can sanitize and disinfect residential HVAC ducts. Sometimes this is simple, and sometimes it requires more strategy. We will need to inspect the system to offer a quote and time frame.

UV Light Cleaning Service vs DIY UV Lights

There are many UV-C lights available for purchase. They all have different wavelengths and strengths, and some are $10,000 while others are $99. These can work. A DIYer may want to try this themself.

However, the CDC does not recommend UV-C lights for disinfection because of the harm that it can do to those in the room while the light is on. Looking at the light or exposing your skin will cause damage to those exposed areas.


The Problem With Personal UV Light Sanitizers

No Circulation

The lights themselves do not circulate the particles in the room or area

Limited Area

They only kill anything within 6 feet

No Equipment

You will need a number of blowers strategically placed to ensure that pathogens under and on top of appliances are pushed out and cross the path of the light

Why Use A Professional UV Light Sanitizing Company



The professionals at Viral Clean Now are trained to not bring the virus into your apartment, to strategically set up the blowers, and to keep themselves and your family safe

Keep COVID-19 out

Wear protective personal equipment (PPE) – hazmat suits that have been cleaned with the light

Your safety

Use remote controlled lights that can move around the room when necessary


We have and utilize the best equipment available

Process Of Hiring A Sanitizing Company

This is how to sanitize your house. Sterilizing your house has never been easier.


  1. Give us a call, or set an appointment on our appointment scheduler
  2. Choose your service
  3. Pay online
  4. We show up little early to the appointment
  5. UV-C light machines and equipment set up
  6. Evacuate all family members from the area being disinfected
  7. Start
  8. Pack up equipment
  9. Resume life

Does UV sanitizing work?

Yes, UV sanitizing works, definitively. The science is solid and well known. UV-C light machines have been used since the mid-20th century to clean hospitals and reduce aerially passed pathogens.

Does UV-C light kill mold?

Yes, UV-C light kills mold and mold spores by destroying the nucleic acids and DNA. Cells are no longer able to perform vital functions.

Does UV light kill e coli?

Yes, UV light kills e-coli.

Does ultraviolet light kill dust mites?

Yes, UV light kills dust mites.

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