Seattle Home & Business Sterilization

We are a local business providing disinfection and sanitation services to homes and businesses in the Seattle area. We use hospital-grade UV lights to disinfect surfaces quickly and thoroughly. Our services are available for homes, apartments, and condos on a one-time or recurring basis. For businesses, we offer daily and weekly disinfection services after-hours, along with window stickers that certify that your location has been professionally disinfected.

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Remove bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms using UV light and keep your home safe.
Flu and other viral and bacterial infections will be less frequent, meaning fewer doctor’s bills and medications.
Unique service penetrates all areas of your home, places where micro-organisms hide.
Highly efficient service so you can be safe and protected easily in different rooms in your home.

Choose your sterilization service

Due to the latest evolutions of COVID-19 in the world, we decided to offer a whopping $50 discount.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure your family's safety and the safety of your guests, Viral Clean recommends a new normal - Sanitizing for ALL SOCIAL GATHERINGS. Viral Clean will come BEFORE to protect your guests so they can feel safe and AFTER to protect your family. Our technician will custom quote you on such occasions.


Subject to terms & conditions.
Extended Travel fee may apply.
* Homes over 2400 sq.ft. get custom quote.

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